British passport 1 on 1

Applying for a British passport is a fairly easy process given that you are a British citizen holding a British nationality. Even those with all different sorts of overseas British citizenships are eligible to hold a British passport, however, it’s important to note, that immigration rules apply to all those who do not hold a standard British citizenship. 

However there are a couple of things which you should keep in mind when it comes to applying for a British passport. Hereby we thought to enlist some of these

It’s an expensive process

Applying for a standard 32 page British passport currently costs GBP 72, 50 with the normal procedure. If you would like to obtain a larger 48 page passport which is otherwise called a Jumbo passport, it will cost GPB 10 more. If you would like to obtain a passport for your child then it will cost GBP 46. You must be aware that if you haven’t included any of the documents which are required to be sent in, or if you either failed to include the two password photos with it or in case the photos won’t follow the given requirements, then the whole process might be put on hold or refused in which case the applicant will not receive the application fee back. Therefore, if you are unsure of how to properly fill out the form, instead of applying online opt for the Check and Send Service that you can acquire at any certified Post office who offers this service. It is about 10 GBP more, but in return the assistant will check though the whole form, will tell you how to fill it out and as this service goes through His Majesty’s Passport Office, it also promises a somewhat quicker handling too. 

You can apply online or call your passport office number

In case you are sure about the process and you would like to get on with it quickly, then you can go ahead and apply online through the government’s website ( given that you have the chance to pay for the application online with the help of a debit/credit card. You would need to post your additional documents however, including the birth certificate and the two passport photographs. 

It’s a fairly long process

While in other countries it takes around 1-2 weeks for you to get your passport, except if you apply for it during the peak (summer) season, in the United Kingdom the process is really longer than generally. It may take up until 6 weeks for you to get your passport and even this time frame is not guaranteed in any ways. Therefore, everyone is advised to not do any travel bookings and also to opt for the passport renewal months before the actual expiration. 

Learn when you need a new passport

You need a new passport when you have changes in your name, gender or in your appearance. It’s essential that you won’t do any bookings before the changes apply as it cannot be under a different name than it’s shown in your passport. If you have any questions of the replacement or renewal call the British Passport Contact Number.