Most important things to know about British passport application and renewal

If you are a British citizen who is not under arrest, warrant or any sort of legal or criminal procedures which would limit you from travelling and you are above the legal age of 16, then you can freely obtain a British password for yourself. The application process is fairly easy, you will only need to submit an application form which is properly filled out and would later on also need two passport sized photographs which follow all the passport photo standards that are featured on the governmental website of the UK. 

The application can be done either online straight through the website of the government ( or at any post office where you can obtain a passport application form. You will also need to be able to pay the application fee along with the submission of the form which in normal case costs GBP 72, 50 without any extra services. This will mean that the whole process would take on an average 3 to 5-6 weeks until you can get your passport. If you need to get your passport urgently you can apply for it acquiring an extra service which is either called Fast Track, ensuring you get your passport within a week or the Premium service, which can make you get your password on the very day of the application. You will need to call the HM Office Phone number for further information about these special services. 

If you can only pay with a check you can do it at any post office within the UK by acquiring the Post Office’s Check and Send service, which would cost you an extra GBP 9.75. You can also pay with a postal order by making sure you enter the application barcode on the back of the postal order form. 

You can also apply for a British passport at a regional passport office where you can also pay by either a card (debit/credit), a postal order or with a check. Bear in mind that you will need to also include some supporting documents alongside your application, which includes your birth certificate. These documents will be sent back to you free of charge via normal postal service by the time your application has been fully processed. 

Passport renewal also has the same fee as for the normal application. The passport application is free only for those nationals who were 16 years old or older by the end of World War 2 (born before 2nd September 1929). 

You can cancel a lost or stolen password online through the governmental site of the UK. The most important thing is to notify the government as soon as possible in order for your lost passport to be cancelled as soon as possible. 

Note that first passport and child passports need countersigning. That means a parent, close relative must also sign the application form as to confirm the identity of the applicant.  This is also necessary when you are to replace a lost or stolen passport and if you need to replace your passport due to changes with your name, appearance and/or gender. Call the HM Passport Office Contact Number if you need any further information or if you are unsure how best to apply.