Things to bear in mind before applying for a British Passport

Although the application process for the passport is getting easier on one hand, on the other it’s getting all the more complicated. This is due to the facts that the British government had to harden its security measures to avoid people using fake British passport to enter in the country and also because using a fake passport is being an apparent issue. This, however a useful measure makes the process harder and longer. Therefore we thought to enlist a few things which you should bear in mind before applying for a passport in the UK. 

The application time

Never book a travel counting on getting your passport within a specific range of time, especially if the date of travel is within one month from the date of application. This is because the standard procedure takes averagely between 3 to 6 weeks and there is no deadline which means you may even get your new passport in or after 2 months.  This is an unfortunate issue especially for expats who cannot apply to renew their passport at the local British Embassy or Consulate any longer as all password applications now go through the HM Governmental passport office. 

An additional counter signatory

Today, if you apply for your first passport and you are above the legal age of 16 years old, you want to renew or change data in your passport ( due to changes in name, gender or looks) you ought to have a counter signatory provide a sort of a double confirmation in order to verify your identity. The government holds the right to call, question or even interrogate the counter signatory if there are any further questions. 

Who can be your counter signatory? 

Any person who can verily verify that you are your own person. This can be a teacher of yours, someone you study with, a friend of yours or someone from a highly respected profession e.g a priest, a professor or such. It’s very important to note that this is a legal bind. 

Who cannot be your counter signatory?

No close relative can be your counter signatory.  This include legal partner, spouse, wife, siblings, children, grandchildren.  This is to eliminate any risk of false countersigning of any documents. 

The counter signatory has to provide an additional signature and also write a confirmation sentence on the back of both photographs provided by the applicant to confirm that to their best knowledge the person’s identity is true. 

The fees

There is no way around it: the application fee is quite expensive. Even with the regular procedure the standard passport costs GBP 72.50. if you want to make the process faster you ought to sign up for an extra service which would cost you 30-60 GBP more. For further information you need to call the British Passport Contact Number. Note that the Premium service which promises you to get your passport on the same day will require you to arrange a phone appointment and visit the governmental passport office in person alongside your supporting documents and the two passport photographs required.