British passport application – all you need to know about Passport check and send service

There are several ways you can apply for your British passport, first of all online, which proves to become a very successful addition to the ways of application, however for those, who need to pay with the use of check, that’s one of the trickiest forms of payment, there is a special service making application possible: it’s called Passport Check and Send Service and it can be obtained at any post office in the area of the United Kingdom. Let’s see how you can opt and use this service this time around. 

The Check and Send Service is exclusively a service offered by the British Post Office and it offers a somewhat different and quicker route of your passport application to its destination which is in this case is not the HM governmental passport office but it’s Her Majesty’s Passport Office that enjoys a special status among the offices. The service also offers a sort of an extra assurance of your application being accepted all the more effectively. 

Other characteristics of the Check and Send Service:

All in all, while normal applications are not checked when you hand them in, risking the chances of it being sent back or put on hold because of data not provided, this service helps applicants with the proper filling of each form to make the application way more effective this way. 

It’s important to note that Her Majesty’s Passport Office does hold the right to contact you and/or your counter signatory should they need further details or have further questions. 

The application fee is the exact same as in the normal case but it’s toppled with the additional fee you can see above. The forms of payment include cash, debit or credit card or a postal order (that must be paid to Post Office Limited). 

It’s essential to note that although the service promises a quicker way for your application to be dealt with, it’s in no way a guarantee that your application will be accepted at all.  

The fees with the service are the following: 

Adult general 32 page passport application GBP 82, 95

Adult Jumbo (48 page) passport GBP 95, 25

Child passport application GBP 55, 75

If you have any further questions check out the website, or call the British Passport Customer Services Number for information.